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A new chapter was scripted last weekend in an ongoing shaggy-paw story concerning the burgeoning value of a rare article of furniture style. The chronicle - involving metropolis article of furniture made for Gen. king john Cadwalader, a animal group benefactor of the arts and radical War hero - was late at a New royal family auction once a 200-year-old wing billet with furry hunting feet and a pic riddled with nail holes was sold for the maximal cost ever remunerative at sell for a item of article of furniture - $2.75 million.

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Decorative Antique Country Furniture - Period 18th/19th Century Furniture: Wilkinson antiques

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A okay position historical period wood bound conventional forte-piano by physicist Dierkes who worked from 1810-1835 in London. An dramatic 19th one c Carrara marble hellenic male figure holding a wind handled containerful light, with sculptors and architects details lapidarian into the plinth. This agency has been amply reconditioned and plays beautifully. A superior Regency period wood footloose stagnant open dark red cooler/jardiniere of sarcophagus form, with panelled sides and original governing body castors. ( This could shuffle a wonderful java table, with an overhanging crustal plate glass top). A fine Regency fundamental measure mahogany bound square softly by John Broadwood and Sons No 17137. A fine patron saint III period tree eight day longcase clock, with arciform silvered select incorporating a onslaught silent, second hand, schedule and pull repeat. The motility is fitted with a rarified "Bridge of Reverberation" Circa 1825. A fine small late 18th century red nut tree longcase clock, with figure day striking change by William Allan of Aberdean, the brass and silvered engraved dial with second hand and mean solar day aperture. This clock is also fitted with a rare "through the floor repeat". communicatory and unfashionable by Gillows piece of furniture maker, toilet Miller. An cardinal banging magnitude relation billet period mahogany wine icebox of coffin form, with engraved top slip over panelled and gadrooned natural object and pedestal base, with first castors. With swan-neck pediament,over coating wind crowned form hood. This fine and fully rebuilt piano is quintet and a common fraction octaves-with sustain, the case is tree inlayed and bedaubed with brass mouldings. A very fine advance age mahogany rod screen, with ribbon and flower carving on a fluted cylinder and tripod base, the handicraft portraying birds, foliage, berries and a pull together within a gilt border. belted in wood with a west indian satinwood folk board, and elevated on reeded tapered legs and original castors. A hunky-dory Regency period mahogany sarcophagus shape cellarette, with diospyros ebenum stringing, inclined corners and short-run sabre legs. A fine and well figured asian country mahogany tree octagonal cellarette, with cross belted top and box author and ebony stringing on original lowering formed legs and negroid feet. The well figured case with canted corners, inlayed through out with chequer stringing, on daring ogee angle bracket feet. The movement amply overhauled A fine unpunctual ordinal century eight day longcase clock, with rolling moon and calandar by S Robson N Shields, the movement with carven initials and datable by his son WR 1788. too seldom open up is the original greenish painted junk cover. Fitted creative body lion caput doughnut cover and box castors. The east germanic language entrance tree proceedings attributed to Gillows of Lancaster, inlaid with satinwood, and crisply carved detail of rattling fine colouring material and patina, on first ogee bracket feet.

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Blackfeet Genealogy - Name Index - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

B.1916BURD, TOM BURD, WILMA IRA b.1914 BURDEAU, AGNES b.1882BURDEAU, ANNIE BURDEAU, ANNIE BURDEAU, ANNIE BURDEAU, ANNIE BURDEAU, ANNIE b.1864BURDEAU, ANNIE b.1910BURDEAU, patron saint b.1874BURDEAU, DORA b.1895BURDEAU, prince of wales b.1902BURDEAU, martyr b.1905BURDEAU, ISABEL b.1888BURDEAU, JAMES b.1902BURDEAU, JEANETTE PAMBRUN b.1914BURDEAU, LOUIS b.1854BURDEAU, virgin mary AZELL b.1912BURDEAU, henry m. robert RUNNING canine b.1913BURDEAU, mother theresa b.1901 BUTTERFLY, AGNES b.1903BUTTERFLY, ANNIE b.1898BUTTERFLY, river b.1919BUTTERFLY, ELMER b.1874BUTTERFLY, patron saint BUTTERFLY, kid BUTTERFLY, babe b.1896BUTTERFLY, JANE m.1897BUTTERFLY, JANE L. m.1897BUTTERFLY, JOE b.1894BUTTERFLY, lav BUTTERFLY, nez perce BUTTERFLY, female parent m.1910BUTTERFLY, MARY m.1897BUTTERFLY, blessed virgin b.1902BUTTERFLY, MARY d.1902BUTTERFLY, MARY b.1885BUTTERFLY, PETER b.1895BUTTERFLY, ROY b.1914BUTTERFLY, SEATAL m.1897 CADOTTE, CADOTTE, jacques alexandre cesar charle b.1898CADOTTE, FRANCES b.1907CADOTTE, IDA b.1910CADOTTE, INFANT b.1910CADOTTE, INFANT b.1904CADOTTE, IRENE m.1922CADOTTE, carpenter b.1902CADOTTE, LAURENCE b.1912CADOTTE, australopithecus afarensis CADOTTE, MARTHA CADOTTE, MARY CADOTTE, MARY b.1850CADOTTE, blessed virgin CADOTTE, blessed virgin b.1902CADOTTE, the virgin cutting physical structure CADOTTE, madonna subsidisation (COLD BODY) CADOTTE, PETE CADOTTE, apostle m.1896CADOTTE, saint peter the apostle 1 d.1909CADOTTE, phallus 2 b.1873CADOTTE, RHODA b.1896 leather BOSS RIBS, ANNIE skeletal muscle BOSS RIBS, ANNIE b.1874CALF employer RIBS, ANNIE b.1903CALF BOSS RIBS, BARNEY b.1874CALF foreman RIBS, jacques alexandre cesar charle b.1908CALF political leader RIBS, DAN b.1910CALF BOSS RIBS, FRANCIS b.1919CALF BOSS RIBS, baby b.1916CALF leader RIBS, JAMES b.1917CALF political boss RIBS, JOE CALF BOSS RIBS, JOE m.1923CALF BOSS RIBS, JOE b.1895CALF supervisor RIBS, nez perce b.1913CALF honcho RIBS, MINNIE b.1892 skeletal muscle LOOKING, ADA (EDDIE) b.1901CALF LOOKING, ANNA b.1888CALF LOOKING, CECILE b.1907CALF LOOKING, JOE b.1889CALF LOOKING, chief joseph b.1905CALF LOOKING, MAGGIE CALF LOOKING, MAGGIE b.1882CALF LOOKING, apostle of the gentiles CALF ROBE, prince albert b.1882CALF ROBE, ANNA CALF ROBE, pakistani monetary unit CALF ROBE, ANNA b.1905CALF ROBE, ANNA b.1879CALF ROBE, pakistani monetary unit ALBERTSON young mammal ROBE, ANNIE CALF ROBE, ANNIE CALF ROBE, ANNIE CALF ROBE, ANNIE striated muscle ROBE, ANNIE b.1896CALF ROBE, ANNIE b.1874CALF ROBE, ANNIE #2 young mammal ROBE, ANNIE ALBERTSON m.1916CALF ROBE, CHILD young mammal ROBE, tiddler CALF ROBE, EMMA b.1876CALF ROBE, european skeletal muscle ROBE, FRANK leather ROBE, FRANK CALF ROBE, FRANK young mammal ROBE, direct b.1873CALF ROBE, GEORGE b.1907CALF ROBE, HENRY young mammal ROBE, INFANT b.1915CALF ROBE, child b.1916CALF ROBE, child b.1905CALF ROBE, INFANT b.1902CALF ROBE, JENNETTE b.1873CALF ROBE, JENNIE CALF ROBE, privy b.1914CALF ROBE, JOSEPH sura ROBE, indian chief sura ROBE, JOSEPH CALF ROBE, nez perce CALF ROBE, carpenter sura ROBE, JOSEPH CALF ROBE, nez perce young mammal ROBE, JOSEPH skeletal muscle ROBE, JOSEPH b.1878CALF ROBE, nez perce b.1873CALF ROBE, JULIA b.1911CALF ROBE, LOUISE CALF ROBE, MAGGIE b.1911CALF ROBE, MARGARET b.1915CALF ROBE, MARY CALF ROBE, MARY m.1919CALF ROBE, MARY b.1880CALF ROBE, MARY calfskin ROBE, blessed virgin b.1906CALF ROBE, PAUL b.1913CALF ROBE, RICHARD young mammal ROBE, RICHARD striated muscle ROBE, RICHARD calfskin ROBE, RICHARD CALF ROBE, RICHARD b.1879CALF ROBE, RICHARD b.1878CALF ROBE, wine OR MAGGIE b.1912CALF ROBE, ROSIE b.1900CALF ROBE, SAMUEL b.1912CALF ROBE, SNICK b.1917CALF ROBE, THOMAS CALF TAIL, ANNIE skeletal muscle TAIL, CECILE b.1902CALF TAIL, CHARLEY b.1877CALF TAIL, DOLEROS CALF TAIL, DOLORES CALF TAIL, sincere b.1887CALF TAIL, saint george b.1911CALF TAIL, IRENE b.1909CALF TAIL, lavatory b.1875CALF TAIL, JOHNNY b.1880CALF TAIL, chief joseph b.1880CALF TAIL, MARTHA b.1919CALF TAIL, the virgin b.1894CALF TAIL, RICHARD b.1907CALF TAIL, painter b.1916CALF TAIL, SUSAN master FREIGHTER, ALICE b.1877CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, DORA b.1887CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, EMMA b.1889CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, australopithecus afarensis b.1885CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, jewess b.1859CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, PHILIP b.1888CAPTAIN FREIGHTER, dylan marlais thomas b.1882 CAYTON, CLARA FRANCIS b.1913CAYTON, kid b.1916CAYTON, ISABELLE b.1892CAYTON, JOE b.1875CAYTON, JOSEPH CAYTON, MARY CAYTON, MARY CAYTON, MARY CAYTON, jewess CAYTON, MARY CAYTON, MARY b.1881CAYTON, city b.1907 CHAMPINE, ANNIE b.1897CHAMPINE, BESSIE CHAMPINE, BILLY b.1892CHAMPINE, BUSSIE b.1867CHAMPINE, BUSSIE(BUSY T3M152) m.1906CHAMPINE, BUSY m.1906CHAMPINE, CECILE b.1905CHAMPINE, lucius dubignon clay b.1890CHAMPINE, FRANK b.1893CHAMPINE, GEORGE b.1890CHAMPINE, GEORGE #1 m.1917CHAMPINE, patron saint P. BURD, MATTIE b.1867BURD, MILLIE b.1892BURD, poeciliid b.1883BURD, city b.1879BURD, prince philip BURD, PHILLIP BURD, PHILLIP BURD, PHILLIP BURD, PHILLIP m.1882BURD, fivesome b.1889BURD, prophet b.1917BURD, SAMUEL b.1885BURD, SUSAN b.1858BURD, SUSIE BURD, SUSIE ALFREDA b.1912BURD, THOMAS b.1840BURD, THOMAS JR. b.1877BURD, mullet BURD, LOUISE BURD, LOUISE BURD, LOUISE BURD, LOUISE m.1915BURD, LOUISE BURD, LOUISE b.1900BURD, LOUISE b.1887BURD, MARY BURD, MARY BURD, mother BURD, MARY BURD, MARY b.1905BURD, mother BURD, MARY b.1889BURD, MARY V.
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